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There are 1,500,000 apps in the World. The only way to be different – is to build best customer service.
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Free while βeta. No credit card required.

— What?

Inventarium is a customer feedback tool for mobile development companies. Your clients can talk to you, they can talk to each other. Your developers or product managers can always answer their questions, comments or suggestions. Stay in touch with your customers and react fast if something goes wrong. Turn them into your loyal customers, make them your influence agents. Test your assumptions and increase its verification quality – let Inventarium be a valuable tool for your Customer Development process.

— Why?

Do you know that estimated cost of customer service system built in-house is $150,000 for 3 years. With Inventarium you will spent no more than $15,000. It’s 10 times cheaper. Let us help you to concentrate on really important things.

— How?

We build a lot of tools for various platforms and we help you to integrate them into your business-processes.
We prepared a few scenarios how you can use Inventarium:

  • re-route your existing forms to our API
  • catch logical errors and notify business processes
  • validate hypothesis and assumptions about your users
  • create in-game or in-app community forum

— Shut up and take my money!

Inventarium is totally free while in beta. Estimated release date is April 2013.
But if you want to build a strong customer system in your company feel free to contact us and ask for technical help and consulting.

We are 100% sure to have what you looking for.
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